About our

Team Leader

Andréa has been in the healthcare field for over 30 years. In her role as a mobile podiatrist for the past 10 years and a registered nurse and massage therapist for 25 years, she enjoys working with a wide variety of cultures and age groups in the community.

She has always been community focused and continues to works with a wide variety of people including differently abled, special needs, mental health, home bound and older individuals in her podiatry role.

Andréa is very passionate and active in supporting people to care for themselves in all facets of their life and enjoys combining her skills to help others achieve this. Originally from Jamaica, Andréa has lived and worked primarily in the USA, Japan and Switzerland. She is living and working in Aotearoa since 2000.



Our Clients Are:

  • Adult and Mature individuals
  • Those with visual and or restrictive mobility
  • Including those with Special needs, mental health challenges and differently abled individuals
  • High risk individuals with Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Huntington’s disease, Cancer and Spinal injuries to name a few
  • Those at home, in the hospital or residential care
  • Any adult with foot concerns

Area We Cover