Why Foot Care?

Routine foot care helps to maintain mobility and quality of life for everyone. It is not a luxury; it is a necessity. Infrequent basic foot care can lead to problems such as decreased mobility, pain, ulcers/infection and for the diabetic person, additional complications. As we age there are natural changes which also occur with the feet. Routine foot care assists in addressing these changes.

What to expect on a visit

On an initial visit, we will assess your feet and discuss any special concerns you might have. We will clip, file and shape your toenails using sterilized equipment ending with a light foot massage.
Your foot care concerns will be addressed during the visit and appropriate ongoing education on foot care and footwear will be given.
Prior to leaving we encourage the booking of another foot care visit for you in 6-8 weeks or as discussed.



Phone: 09 832-5001

Email: info@soletosoul.co.nz

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